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Last Night Was Bigger Than Baseball


I’ll forgive you if you don’t remember the score of last night’s game, as despite the Mets being in the middle of a postseason race, last night was much bigger than the game of baseball. I’ll admit I did not pay much attention to the score after Dee Gordon’s lead-off home run. It was almost the first time as a Mets fan in my life that I did not mind if they won or lost because there was a bigger picture in play. You could not help but get emotional watching the pregame ceremony tribute to the late Jose Fernandez, or shed a tear watching Gordon’s lead-off home run. Even the Mets were choked up by last night’s events as catcher Travis d’Arnaud admitted to shedding a tear during Gordon’s inspiring home run.

The Mets were in one of the toughest situations any opposing team could be in and they handled it with as much class as possible. Dee Gordon even praised the Mets after the game as a “first class organization” for the way they handled last night’s game. Our team is currently in the thick of a Wild Card race with their own agenda, but humanity took over last night and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on a baseball field.

Jose Fernandez tragic death has resonated with everyone associated with the game of baseball as he was one of the biggest star’s on and off the field in the world of sports. It’s going to be a tough final week for the Marlins and an even tougher offseason for the organization in trying to pick up the pieces of what occurred. However last night, I was proud to be a Mets fan win or lose because of the humanity, emotion, and class they displayed in one of the most, if not the most tragic event in baseball history.

The Mets and Marlins have two games remaining in this series and it certainly will still be tough on everyone involved to play. But Jose Fernandez played the game the right way with intensity and would expect nothing less from both teams. The Mets were fortunate to have the Cardinals get pummeled last night, and hopefully our team can get back on track as a Wild Card birth hangs in the balance. It still will not be any easier, but hopefully last night both teams found some sort of peace with being on the field and playing the game they love. With five games remaining the Mets will somehow have to put their foot on the gas beginning tonight if they want to return to October.


Rest In Peace Jose Fernandez


The baseball world is mourning the loss of the Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez who tragically passed away in a boating accident off the coast of Miami Beach early this morning. The 24-year old Fernandez was regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball and many of us Mets fans experienced that firsthand, as he had dominant numbers throughout his young career against the Mets. Fernandez was scheduled to start tomorrow night against the Mets.

Fernandez had announced recently that both he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child together. It’s a true testament as to how short life is and how precious every moment in life is as well. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Marlins organization through this incredibly difficult time. There was not a star bigger or nor a smile bigger in Miami currently than Jose’s, and the entire baseball community will proceed with heavy hearts through the rest of the season. Rest in peace Jose.