A Look Ahead…


After the Mets wrap up a successful series against the Brewers, the Mets schedule takes a tough turn before they play Milwaukee again in Wisconsin, in three and a half weeks. The Mets upcoming schedule will play out in this order; Three games at Washington, three games at Citi against the Dodgers, three games at Citi against the White Sox, three games at Miami, and three games at Pittsburgh. Their upcoming opponents have a combined record of 117-97. Four out of the five teams the Mets will play are currently over .500, besides the Dodgers who are currently two games under. However that can quickly change as they play a wounded Cincinnati Reds club this week prior to their Citi Field trip.

This will be a stretch of games where the Mets will be playing quality opponents night in and night out who are all in their respective division races. Now there is a lot that can change over the next couple of weeks but as of right now, this is one of the toughest stretches the Mets will face this season. There are various questions surrounding Lucas Duda’s back, Matt Harvey’s makeup, and Jacob deGrom’s velocity heading into this stretch. DeGrom’s velocity issue is a non-factor to me and I believe Harvey will figure out his issues sooner rather than later. Duda’s back is the issue that concerns me because if it is a disk injury like the Mets fear, they may be without their big first baseman for a significant portion of this stretch.

The Mets will look to flex their muscles over the next three weeks, and with the way the Mets have played this weekend they have built some momentum heading into this difficult stretch. The Mets bats will need to come back to life as they have been a bit inconsistent lately, and with how dominant the bullpen has been this season, they should be in every game. We will see where this Mets ball club stands against some of the best teams in the league after June 8th. Let’s hope we can stay injury free and the consistency we had seen in April returns for this important stretch! Let’s go Mets!


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