BREAKING: Bartolo homers during batting practice…


The legend of Bartolo Colon seemingly grows every year, especially when Colon is in the batter’s box. It is being reported today by Newsday’s Marc Carig, that Bartolo hit a home run during batting practice that took out a tree branch. The home run was hit off of Mets hitting coach Kevin Long who was throwing batting practice. One unnamed Met was quoted as saying,”They should call him The Lumberjack. Dude takes out trees with baseballs.” Colon may have a new nickname coming into this season, and it will have nothing to do with his pitching or his weight, but with his strength.

Colon’s at-bats are always entertaining nonetheless, but with this home run in batting practice, Mets fans will now have their expectations raised on Bartolo’s at-bats this season. We will all be glued to our screens this season when Colon is in the batter’s box, as we will all be waiting for that one magical moment that he goes deep, and flips his bat Jose Bautista style on his way to trot the bases. All in all, Colon proved to the other starting pitchers that he indeed brings some pop to the plate, as the Mets have some of the best hitting pitchers in baseball. Now all we need is video to accompany the shot that broke the branch, that was heard around the World.


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